Taking Stock

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Pip Lincolne from Meet Me At Mikes is pretty amazing  and she rather cleverly came up with a brilliant idea of Taking Stock.  I have been reading a fair bit about mindfulness of late and thought that this was the perfect time to look over the smaller detail of my life in this moment.  It’s also a pretty cool to read back over it in a few months time.

Making: a whole lot of mess in my kitchen.

Cooking: Apple Pie Chickpeas, an epic fail as I really don’t like chickpeas!  Hopefully the kids will.

Drinking: ginger and lemon kombucha.

Reading: a book on mindful eating written by a Buddhist monk and a nutritionist

Wanting: to not wear so many layers, damn winter.

Looking: at old photos of little blond-headed cherubs on my computer.

Playing: connect four with my youngest.

Wishing: for warmer weather.

Enjoying: the magnolia blooms in other peoples gardens (lucky them).

Waiting: for my computer to stop being a jerk.

Liking: so much prettiness on Instagram.

Wondering: what to cook for dinner tonight.

Loving: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.

Pondering: why my computer is being such a jerk.

Loving: peanut butter.

Considering: getting up to put another load of washing on (Nah).

Marveling: at my littlest teaching himself to read.

Smelling: chocolate granola baking in my oven.

Needing: someone else to clean my oven.

Wearing: a dress! This rarely happens.

Thinking: a lot about mindfulness

Admiring: my talented friends

Sorting: socks, so many socks for such little feet

Buying: too many cookbooks.  Now, where do I put these new ones.

Getting: really excited about blogging

Disliking: this current government, so much to dislike about these jokers.

Giggling: like a schoolgirl with my schoolgirls.

Feeling: really proud of my schoolgirls.

Snacking: on chocolate and peanut butter fudge that was a happy accident.

Coveting: the new Country Road picnic containers.

Wishing: it was picnic weather.

Hearing: my cat at the door, she wants in.  Now!


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