Hi, I am Lia.  I’m hoping you are here to join me on the journey that we are all on when it comes to nourishing ourselves, our families and friends.  Food is such a massive part of our lives, I know it is mine, so lets make it taste amazing AND be super good for us.

lia burton nutrition
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I am a mumma to three pretty wonderful little beings who are without doubt the loves of my life.  Motherhood brings love and laughter and lots of pretty amazing thrills but it also brings noise, mess and constant demands for food. So much food!  You will find me, more often than not, with my head in a cookbook; my bookshelves groan at their sheer volume.  I am fan of, and bit of a cheerleader for, local produce, which is made all the easier by living in Geelong surrounded by amazing producers and sellers.

I am also a qualified nutritionist, having completed my Bachelor of Applied Science at RMIT University and my Graduate Diploma in Human Nutrition from Deakin University.  I currently run my own nutrition consultancy business, Lia Burton Nutrition.  I work with women to facilitate change towards a healthier lifestyle that benefits themselves and their families.  I am passionate about childhood nutrition and work with parents and schools to bring about healthier outcomes for our kids.

It is here on my blog where I translate all the sciencey nutrition information into achievable, easily-actioned advice on how to nourish yourself with real food. I don’t do labels or fads or prescriptive diets.  I’m much better at being positive, life is too short to be anything else.  You won’t find me criticising or judging or any of that malarkey.  I’m here to provide thoughtful, evidence-based information on the whys and hows of healthy eating, wholefoods, feeding kids, family nutrition and to empower change with a few stories and recipes thrown in too.

Here’s to moving forward towards a long life filled with delicious, real food.



Contact Lia

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about what I do or how I could help you and your family or just to say Hi, I do love a chat.


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