Work With Me

I am a qualified nutritionist (BAppSc, GDipHumNutr) who is passionate about empowering women to make healthier food choices and nourish themselves and their families with real food.  I work with women to facilitate change towards a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their family, because when Mum is happy and healthy so is everyone else in the family.

I don’t believe in diets, and science firmly backs me up.  I do, however, believe in eating nutritious whole foods as close to their natural state.  I am also a mother of three and know  the financial and time pressures that can be placed on us that may impact on healthy choices.  I’m here to tell you that positive change is achievable when actioned in small, realistic steps.

I work in the following areas:

+ women’s nutrition
+ children and teenage nutrition
+ pre/post natal nutrition
+ gut health
+ vegetarian eating
+ fussy eaters
+ eating with food allergies/intolerances
+pantry and kitchen makeovers
+ meal planning

If you feel that I am the one for you, arrange a consultation today by shooting me an email  at



One-on-one consultations

+ 60 minute at your home or Skype consultation
+ pre-consultation questionnaire and three day food diary
+ review of nutrition history and lifestyle
+ goal setting and personalised nutrition recommendations
+ practical tips, recipes and meal recommendations
+ positive and supportive environment
+ resources include meal planner, shopping list, list of pantry staples


Follow Up Consultations

+ at your home or via Skype
+ 30 minutes
+ opportunity to review progress
+ chance to reset recommendations and goals


Gut Health Consultations

Did you know that good health starts in the gut? Gut health is emerging as a priority factor when wanting to improve your overall wellbeing.  Learn how the gut impacts on your nutritional status, physical and mental health.

+ practical tips and solutions on improving gut health
+ gut health nutrition information
+ resources include recipe booklet, list of gut friendly foods
+ 60 minute consultation at your home or via Skype


Family consultations

Need some inspiration for nutritious family meals?   Want to know how to make your family favourites healthier? Do you need help changing some less than desirable eating habits? Maybe you have fussy eaters that need to expand their repertoire.  Sounds like a family consultation can help you out.

+ pre-consultation questionnaire and 3 day food diary for each family member
+ review of family nutrition and lifestyle history
+ discussion of family meal time favourites and options to improve nutritional value
+ meal planning tips
+ personalised goal setting and nutrition information
+ practical tips, recipes and meal options
+ resources include meal planner, list of pantry staples and goal setting chart
+ 60 minute in home consultation


Fridge and Pantry Makeover

Is your pantry full of packets and boxes? Do you yearn for simplicity and good old fashioned real food?  Do you need help in overhauling your approach to eating food and you just don’t know where to start?  I can help you ditch the junk and introduce delicious and nutritious whole foods to your everyday eating.

+ clean out of pantry and fridge
+ tips on restocking
+ list of real food pantry staples
+ shopping tips and list of my favourite places to food shop
+ advice on food storage and safety
+ meal planning advice and meal planner template
+ recipe book filled with ‘better basics’
+ list of seasonal produce
+ shopping list template
+ 2 hour session